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The South Melbourne Market Grocer is located on Coventry Street at the Market in South Melbourne and has been trading there for the past 7 years.

Roy is the owner (pictured), and has been in retail all his working life, so he has intimate knowledge of all things grocery. His mission is to source unusual, interesting and delectable groceries which are hard to find elsewhere. The shop is fully stocked with products from all over the world including Mexico, Asia, Columbia, Poland, Holland and the UK. It has one of the largest ranges of Hot Sauces and Condiments and has become the go-to destination for a huge selection of Pasta, Tinned Tomatoes (and other vegetables), as well as an array of biscuits, chocolates and lollies.
Outside the store, there is a wide variety of clearance products including chocolates, biscuits, lollies, cakes, pickles and American and British soft drinks.

The South Melbourne Market Grocer is sure to delight and inspire the chef within you, because they stock most of the spices and ingredients found in interesting recipes. The beauty of this shop is that Roy makes it his business to surprise his customers with new and different products and tries to cater for everyone’s grocery needs, from Everyday to Gourmet.

It’s a great shop to just browse through to see what’s new and also to pick up your regular (and not so regular) grocery requirements.

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